The Prado Museum joins the celebration of International Dance Day for the first time offering its visitors the unique and exclusive opportunity to contemplate The Assaults of Dance at the Prado Museum, an initiative whose objective is to bring dance closer to the society.


In the unbeatable setting offered by the Hall of Muses, visitors to the Prado Museum will be able to enjoy three short dance actions live that will take place at three different times each.


Axonometric Projection -INSTALLATION-


Direction: Mattia Russo, Antonio de Rosa

Choreography: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa in collaboration with the interpreters.

Music: Arvo Paart

Dancers: Mar Aquilò, Agnes Lopez Rio, Mattia Russo, Antonio de Rosa.

Within a reality of which we are consciously fragmented, subdivided into bars of silence and sound, movement and stillness, the silence of life is what moves the path of the four components of Kor’sia. We want to create and express our opinions and emotions and with them make people fall in love, let think, give a fresh and new experience.


With the participation of the dancers the National Dance Company.