Klee's famous dictum "Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes it visible." From its Creative Confession is intended to accompany choreographers. Klee's art lives on hints, dreams, music and poetry: in his oil paintings spray bright colors, his drawings are always enriched with a pinch of humor, his etchings carry almost bizarre features. As an important representative of the Classical Modernism, he coined an epoch with his pictures and graphics. His conviction that the pictorial work emerges from the movement, that it is itself a recorded movement and is included in the movement, is the maxim for this two-part evening on the Bernese artist Paul Klee.


Choreography Kor'sia (Mattia Russo & Antonio de Rosa)
Stage Till Kuhnert
Costumes Catherine Voeffray
Light Hanspeter Liechti
Music J. Haydn, B. Marcello, T. Tallis, V. Bellini, Folklore and Marilyn Manson
Dramaturgy Giuseppe D'Agostino, Isabelle Bishop

Assistent: Agnès López-Río, Exequiel Barrera, Linda Magnifico.


Andrey Alves
Winston Ricardo Arnon
Brecht Bovijn
Roberta Caliò
Angela Demattè

Edoardo Deodati
Momoko Higuchi

Mari Ishida
Lohan Jacquet
Nozomi Matsuoka
Marieke Monquil
Toshitaka Nakamura
Ana van Tendeloo
Khai Ngoc Vu
Celine Wetzels




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