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In the well-known educational reports, Faure (1972) and Delors (1996) the paradigm of

education has gone through different and necessary transformations adapting to the

needs of new societies, and proposing an education in which all

individuals have the right to access knowledge according to their needs and

interests anywhere, anytime, freely, flexibly and

constructive. In accumulation to these premises, in the XXI century, it has also begun to speak

in addition to supporting access to education with a continuist vision, that is, it must continue to

throughout life, Lifelong Learning, situating learning, beyond institutions or

ages that a priori are considered properly educational.

Under this conceptual umbrella, at Kor’sia we consider that all contexts in which

we coexist people -family, community, work, study, leisure- can and should be

educational containers. That is why from our collective, we consider essential to develop

a space in our project that we can consider as a directly focused device

towards learning. Although unlike other possible models, our goal is not

only the transmission of tools typical of the arts of movement, but also from another

type of learning that are indicated as fundamental from the point of view of education and

in our opinion, they must mainstream all artistic and vital practices through the relationship

of concepts such as: democracy, collective responsibility, respect, collaboration, empathy,

emotional education, gender or sustainability, and that must be treated from all perspectives

possible to shape the societies in which we want to live.

Our vision in this regard is given by an understanding of the arts, not just as

elements of personal or collective expression, but as acts (scenic, plastic, musical ...)

that have managed to consolidate themselves as the only representations that manage to transmit the

human world -all that created by our imaginary, society, tradition, science and culture-

in a way that no other cognitive competence achieves, not only

surviving time beyond the societies that produced them but also as

spaces capable of almost magically overlapping the collective and the intimate; offering as

a device for accessing knowledge of possible new ways of being and being in the world as

complete beings.

KOR'SIA, is dedicated to giving master classes and workshops on creative processes, in conservatories and universities, such:

            Accademia Nazionale di Roma, Rome (Italy)

            María de Ávila Higher Conservatory of Dance, Madrid (Spain)

            Complutense University, Madrid (Spain)

            Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds (UK)

            Tsoying Senior High School, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

            Share  THE DANCE INTENSIVE  (Berlin)

            Ballet Juniore de Geneve (Suisse)

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