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Swan is a choreographic work that sheds light on the research that combines choreographic art with the natural and social sciences by questioning the ways of living and perceiving the environment. A site specific installation for Bolzano Danza 2021 that wants to demonize human behavior in the Anthropocene era. Man, the architect of the exploitation of ecosystem resources that leads to the extinction of animals, plants and progressive global warming, is called to answer for his actions. The goal is to generate reflection through a gesture, shared by the entire community, full of empathy, sensitivity and attention, as a symbol of a new rebirth.

Idea and direction: Mattia Russo, Antonio de Rosa

Dramaturgy: Giuseppe Dagostino

Interpreters: Angela Dematte e Giuseppe Dagostino

Music: Camille Saint-Saëns


Commissioned by Bolzano Danza as part of the "Swans never die" network


In collaboration with Cantina Kettmeir

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