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Jeux Nijinski / РУССКИЕ БАЛЕТЫ//

Jeux is the title that Nijinski conferred on one of his ballets in 1913.

This piece, interwoven in the metaphor of the game, establishes a dialogue, which can be linked to the possible relationship

that the choreographer lived with the elitist Bloomsbury group, whose members were artists and thinkers of the

size of Virginia Wolf, the economist Maynard Keynes or the philosopher Bertrand Russell.

This possible relationship with this group of intellectuals, explorers of a new morality, based on the freedom of

customs, the demolition of established social conventions and an exquisite education of an elitist nature, are the

starting point that the Kor’sia collective uses as a possible reflection of the values that prevail today in

the accelerated process of individuation that society is experiencing; demanding a debate that is open

consider losing common values

Text: Agnes Lopez Rio

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