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Creation for Curious Nature, Steptext (BREMEN)

Premiere 27 May 2022

Schwankhalle Bremen


The Spanish choreography collective Kor'sia deals with dance as an artistic way to dissect and comment on the behavior of human society. In their latest choreography, which they are working on with the dancers from Of Curious Nature, the two choreographers Antonio de Rosa & Mattia Russo determine the place – or rather: the non-place – as the starting point of their creative process. For Kor'sia, non-places are spaces of mere transit, in which people remain anonymous - unrelated spaces such as subway stations, parking garages, motorways, gas stations. Places of encounter that nevertheless do not allow encounters. In these places we need tools to be able to become active: passport, boarding pass, shopping list – reference points in places of transit, hovering between the point of departure and the point of arrival. Kor'sia questions these non-places about their possibilities: Can they be changed or reinterpreted through new narratives?




IDEA AND DIRECTION: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa

CHOREOGRAPHY: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa in collaboration with the interpreters

INTERPRETERS: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Yen Chu Ku, Mariko Koh, Noémie Larcheveque, Daniel Moret Chanza, André Luiz Pereira da Costa, Andrea Scarfi, Alice Zucconi


SCENERY: Kor’sia


PHOTO:  Marianne  Menke





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