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What is the identity of a country?


How do we build it?


What kind of images does it generate ?.


Can we dare to say that a large part of the essence of what we call the country are the images that we project onto it?

With Spanish Suite. A folkloric tragicomedy. the Kor’sia collective delves into the conflict that arises from the mental construction of stereotypes, clichés and cultural symbologies, which we build around the space we call country.

Through the exaggeration, exaltation and intensification of detail, typical of its vocabulary, an attempt is made to establish the possibility that, perhaps these topics have become a mere game of semantic imagery that only remains anchored in time.




Created for the Conservatory of Dance "María de Ávila" and KOR'SIA dancer.


Premiere, April 18, 2018,


Sala Valle-Inclán of the RESAD Av. De Nazaret, 2, Madrid. Spanishsuite


Duration: 20 ’


Choreography: KOR´SIA Antonio de Rosa, Mattia Russo

Music: Isaac Albéniz, Municipal Music Band of Villena, Pyotr Ilych Tchaikosvsky

Constume: KOR´SIA and Vanesa Soria Lima

Set design: KOR´SIA

Lighting: Olga García, Mattia Russo, Antonio de Rosa

Choreographic assistant: Héctor Torres

Tutors: Eva López Crevillén and Héctor Torres.

Text: Agnes López Rio

Performers: David Barredo, Rocío Barriga, Cláudia Bosch, Sara Burgazzi, Emma de la O Callejo, Claudia Carpintero, Elena Castellanos, Aurora Costanza, Júlia Estalella, Pilar Fernández, Hugo Fuertes, Laura Martín, Xián Martínez, Francisco Javier Múzquiz, Pablo Navarro , Iris Núñez, Inés Ruiz, Mireia Ruiz, Rossella Russolo, Mario Salas, Laura Eugenia Sánchez, Luna Sánchez, Cristina Serrano, Alejandro Moya, Giulia Russo, Astrid Bramming,Agnes López Rio.


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